Sunday, April 11, 2010

Maple Castella Bakery #2- The King of Bakery!

I always see there's a special connection between Maple Castella and me, maybe because my last visit was the beginning of my blog. And for some reason, EU was craving their bread recently because she always reminded me of their awesome Pumpkin Bread we had last time.

Originally, I planned to visit Kolachy Co. at downtown (because EU kept on praising how good their bun was). Unfortunately, right before we left home, EU found out that they don't open on Sundays. Disappointed enough, we decided to go to Maple Castella. We decided to call them to order half loaf of Taro Bread. It was 10:50am when we called, and they said all bread loaves would not be ready untill 2pm! AHA! Since EU was too desperate to try their bread again, we decided to have our lunch at 2pm today.

I was not really excited about Maple Castella's bread loaf, mainly because I've forgotten the goodness of their bread. But when I entered the store with that fresh bakery smell......"OH MY GOODNESS" again. We ordered half loaf of Taro Bread but decided to change it into Pumpkin Bread; however, we were told that the Pumpkin Bread would not be ready until 2:30pm. So since we have never tried their Taro Bread, let's give it a try!

Maple Castella Bakery
#1068-8700 McKim Way, Richmond BC

1:Yucks! 2:Improvement needed 3:So-So~ 4:Good 5:Very good 6:Heavenly

Food: 6
Price: 5
Services: 6
Ambiance: n/a (it's a bakery)
Overall: 6
  • Mon-Sat 9:30am-7pm (Except Thursdays) Sun 9:30am-6pm
    Closed on Thursdays
  • Chinese/Taiwanese bakery
  • Baked fresh daily
  • Popular to Chinese
  • Hole-in-the-wall; location is pretty hard to find
  • Except the flavoured bread loaves, other plain white bread loaves avialable as well
  • Other Taiwanese buns available
  • Parking available
Taro Bread-5.5/6
  • $8/loaf ($4/half loaf)
  • Other flavours: Pork floss, pumpkin
  • According to EU, their flavoured bread loaves are a bit more expensive than other bakeries.

  • Unlike the Pumpkin Bread we had last time, this Taro Bread did not have much filling.
  • The taro was not too sweet, but I didn't pay much attention to the filling (especially I didn't find out whether there were any taro chunks in it!) because I was TOO overwhelmed by the texture of the bread!

  • Looking at the photos above, can you see how fluffy the bread is? It was super fluffy and soft!!
  • Special texture, unlike the typical Chinese/Asian/Japanese/European/Western bread.
  • A bread that doesn't taste like a bread, it's waaayyy fluffier than a bread.
  • I think they are only available at about 2pm, so remember to make reservation.
  • You can easily tear them apart, like a marshmellow!
  • It was so soft that it couldn't even stand when I tore the bread in pieces.
  • Despite the less filling, the bread was baked in layers (as shown in the picture above).
After finishing half loaf of Taro Bread, we were too desperate to want more! When I returned, it was already fully packed with people. I told the nice and always-smiling old man that I would like to order half loaf of Pumpkin Bread. Though the other young lady said it was not readied yet, he repeated my order and told the kitchen to have it ready...NOW.
Pumpkin Bread-6/6
  • $8/loaf ($4/half loaf)
  • With some pumpkin seeds on top.
  • Can you see the steam? It was piping hot when they gave me!
  • LOADED with pumpkin chunks! I am very sure that their pumpkin is fresh instead of the ready-made/canned ones.
  • Have you ever seen the pumpkin filling in a bread has its skin on? No I have not. It may look weird or gross in the beginning, but it was very good (The one we had last time did not have its skin on, so we were shocked when we saw these.)
  • The mashed pumpkin was naturally sweet. EU and I (especially EU) love it! It smelt sooo good when they gave us.
  • Again, it was super fluffy and soft!

  • The crust was soft and crunchy, but not the crunchiness you find in crackers.

After trying both flavours, EU and I prefer the Pumpkin Bread more than the Taro Bread. We love it so much and will surely come back for more! Hmm...I wish they have red bean flavor as well...

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  1. Now, you understand my cravings! Isn't that great to have Maple Castella as the first post on your blog? :) Actually the pumpkin bread and taro bread have the same great texture, but the taro is a little bit heavier. But I don't regret trying it! :) OH! Also, may you please kindly try the pork floss bread with me next time? *with watery eyes* Pls? (lol)

  2. Ah, it seems Mijune has indeed been an influence to you... It is her favourite bakery and the pumpkin bread is one of her favourite items!

  3. EU: I should have paid more attention to the taro filling! As I've mentioned in the post, I was too overwhelmed by the bread's texture. Well, I don't mind giving the pork floss bread a try. But I'm afraid I will crave for their Pumpkin Bread after trying the pork floss one :/

    Kim: Haha, I think it's just a coincidence, but I'm glad we have that in common :D Eudora and I love Maple Castella a lot!

  4. Good! If you craved for the pumpkin bread after trying the pork floss, we'll simply go back for another pumpkin! LOL! Seems that you are craving for many food now... Egg waffles, pumpkin bread, (Kolachy), and what else? :D

  5. No, I am not craving for Kolachy since I still hvn't tried it yet.
    Unfortunately, when these cravings hit, they are not as strong as my sashimi craving. When I'm craving for sashimi....that's gonna be "BIG".