Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Japan trip-雷門滿留賀(まるか)

Our plan that day was to go to Asakusa, the place where you will see that big red lantern hanging. I remembered the weather was brutal that day; we were all wet after taking the subway. So before we continued our journey, we decided to find a place to restore our energy first. The one restaurant that we were facing was Marukan, an old-style soba restaurant.

Japan Trip-Oto Oto: Desserts

Of course, we need some desserts to end our wonderful meal at Oto Oto right? ;) (Not to mention that we were already very full at that time)

My dad was already so full that he could not stuff anything more into his stomach. So the rest of us each ordered a dessert...
Greentea Ice-cream
  • Decorated with a cracker.
  • I didn't try this though...
Greentea and Vanilla Ice-cream with Brown Syrup
  • It also came with some red bean paste with sesame seeds sprinkled on top.
  • If you look clearly, there are also mochi and some fruits with the ice-cream.
  • Again, I didn't try this but my sister did enjoy this a lot (She loves desserts anyway).
Tofu Pudding with Pieces of Fruits, Served with Syrup
  • The pudding was smooth and yummy. I enjoyed it a lot.
  • It actually reminded me of their Soften Tofu I just had for dinner.

If you like to know more about Oto Oto or their other branches, please visit their website here.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Japan Trip-Oto Oto

Oto Oto is probably the nearest restaurant where you can find all kinds of Japanese food, which means it has both cooked and raw food that can satisfy those who don't eat sashimi, and also some/most of the sushis. My dad is the only person in the family who does not-or even cannot-accept raw fish. So, Oto Oto is the best choice for us.

We went there on the first night we arrived. It was about 8:30pm and this restaurant was already full; we had to wait for 20-30mins at least. We went to somewhere else of course, but before we left, we made a reservation for next day's dinner. There we go: this fancy, busy restaurant.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Japan trip-Isetan Dining

It's very common to find a lot of restaurants on the top levels (normally) of every shopping malls/centres in Japan. One of the must-go shopping places in Japan is Isetan. We went there one night, already exhausted after spending almost the whole day shopping in the same district. Then my dad suggested let's find a nearby restaurant for dinner. So we went to the top level, walked around to see what restaurants there were...lastly, we decided Isetan Dining because it has the most variety of food, which can satisfy my mom and dad.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Japan trip-Coffee Negishi

Underground restaurants are very common in Japan, almost every department store has a basement where you can find small shops, restaurants, bakeries, etc.

Since we lived near Shinjuku, the basement of Odakyu (one of the big department stores in Tokyo Japan) was the most familier to us. Most restaurants there are cafes. So when we decided to have breakfast one morning, the first coffee shop that appeared to us immediately became our first choice.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Japan trip-Cha-Cafe

My dad was constantly thirsty because he kept sweating and sweating and sweating like crazy (yea he sweat A LOT). Also because he did not feel too well in the beginning of the trip, so when we knew he really need to rest, we stopped and would find a place to get a drink, took a rest and recovered a little bit...

The same case happened when we were in Shibuya (Omotesando to be precise) one day. A cafe caught out sight immediately when we looked up a random building :D