Saturday, August 21, 2010

Japan trip-Coffee Negishi

Underground restaurants are very common in Japan, almost every department store has a basement where you can find small shops, restaurants, bakeries, etc.

Since we lived near Shinjuku, the basement of Odakyu (one of the big department stores in Tokyo Japan) was the most familier to us. Most restaurants there are cafes. So when we decided to have breakfast one morning, the first coffee shop that appeared to us immediately became our first choice.

Coffee Negishi
Ace # 1 Underground Kitadate Azuma Odakyu Shinjuku Nishiguchi 1, Tokyo
東京都新宿區西新宿1西口地下街1號 小田急エース 北館 東
Tel: 03-3344-3016

1:Yucks! 2:Improvement needed 3:So-So~ 4:Good 5:Very good 6:HeavenlyFood: 4
Price: 5
Service: 4.5
Ambiance: 5
Overall: 5

  • Mon-Sun 7am-11pm
  • One of the greatest thing I find in most restaurants in Japan is they always have samplers outside! For people like me who do not understand Japanese, you are more than welcome to bring the waiter with you and point at the sampler you want :D
  • They have quite a large variety in menu, including drinks, food, and desserts.
  • Sandwiches and toasts...They also have a three morning sets, but I did not get a shot of that menu.

  • The coffee here are all distilled. If you sit near the window, you will see different distillers standing next to the kitchen.
モーニングセット B (Morning Breakfast Set B)
  • ¥550 (about $7CAD $49HKD)
  • 2 butter toasts and a hard-boiled egg, comes with black tea/coffee/milk
  • They also have other morning breakfast sets:
    A) 2 butter toasts + drink
    C) 2 butter toasts and a hard-boiled egg, with a side salad and a drink

  • My dad didn't say anything about the toasts, but he wished the hard-boiled egg could be scrambled egg instead. Sadly, hard-boiled egg was the only egg they got.
  • Came with the breakfast set
  • There was a thin layer of foam on top. I did not try this but am pretty sure it's not bad.
Black Tea with Milk
  • Came with another set (but not breakfast set)
  • When you order black tea, they will also give you a small cup of milk/cream aside.
Hot Coffee-5.5/6
  • Came with my set (but not breakfast set)
  • The coffee here was really good. I wish they can give me a bigger cup.

Tuna and Egg Open-Sandwich Set

  • ¥950 (about $11CAD $85HKD)
  • 2 of each with a salad on the side

Side Salad-2/6

  • The sliced tomato on top was average; it was neither sweet nor crunchy.
  • I found the sliced cabbage on the bottom was a bit too over-dressed. I ended up leaving some in the bowl, and began to dig into the sandwiches...
  • I thought this soggy-looking egg salad would not taste good, but I was wrong. Though it was indeed a bit too moist for my liking, its soft texture tasted great with the crunchy toasts.

  • On the other hand, the tuna sandwiches were comparatively better. Not only because they were not as soggy as the egg salad sandwiches, they also had come shredded lettuce that added an extra texture and freshness to the sandwiches.

カツサンドセット (Cutlet Sandwich Set)

  • ¥980 (about $12CAD $87HKD)
  • 4 cutlet sandwiches with a side salad, and a drink
  • I didn't try this, but judging from the way my parents ate this, I could tell the pork was very tender.
サーモンオープンサンドセット(Smoke Salmon Toast Set)-4/6
  • ¥950 (about $11CAD $85HKD)
  • 2 thick toasts with lettuce and smoke salmon on top, a side salad, and a drink
  • The thick toasts were really good. They were soft, fluffy, and warm.
  • I scraped off all the ingredients first because I did not want the toasts turn soggy.
  • There were also pieces of onion slices on top of the smoke salmon.
  • They added some sauce to the salmon. Despite it did not affect much, but I thought the sauce and the smokiness of the salmon had a little too much going on...

Coffee Negishi is really a great place for people to hang around. The "people" here means ANYONE. I saw businessmen here having meetings with their partners, teenagers were chilling with friends, ladies....and those who have retired......etc.

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