Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hapa Izakaya @Kitsilano 1-A whole new experience ;)

The first Hapa Izakaya I went to was their Yaletown location (post here) and I didn't really like it. I like the food, though. It's just the atmosphere wasn't quite right for me...maybe that's just only me hmm :/
Anyway, so why would I end up in their Kitsilano location? Dine Out Vancouver is the answer to the question (yes I know it was long long time ago...) My friend invited me to go Dine out with her at Hapa; however, the Dine Out Vancouver menu was only available at their Kitsilano location. So before heading to the YVR airport that night, I decided to give myself a little break from all the school work, and went to Hapa with my friend as a treat for myself :)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


I remember before all my finals and leaving Vancouver for Christmas, I spent my last "free time" in Kerrisdale and randomly saw a cute, little cafe along 41st Ave., next to Asa Sushi. Maybe because it was new, this small cafe was packed with people eating, drinking, chatting, and, standing waiting for tables.

During one weekend, when I was (always) having a hard time deciding where to go for lunch, my friend, EU, brought "Faubourg" back to my mind.

Faubourg ("fo-boor")?.....What is it?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

East Is East visit #2-CHAI N' SPICE!

Middle Eastern. For some reason, I always go for Middle Eastern restaurants when I am not in the mood of having Chinese/Japanese food, which are the most common ones I usually have (especially Japanese, thankyouverymuch ;)). Maybe I like the pungent smell and flavour of the spices they use, and also the curiosity to know more about the cuisine.

Like last night, when I was feeling something "special". The first Middle East restaurant I could think of was East Is East, where I have been there once in the early summer. So, any other choices? Yes of course; however, I didn't have Wi-fi at that time and could not think of any except East Is East. Well, since I did not get to try a lot from their menu...why not?

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Meloty-Late-worthy "lunch" ;)

I know I's been a (long) while since my last post. Reason? Very simple-because I have a bunch of tests/exams every week! But how could I waste the one-and-only Halloween sitting in front of a pile of numbers (ahem. calculus, to be precise.)?

So I first started my Halloween with a late lunch. I mean really late, like 2pm. Why so late? It's not because I woke up at 1pm or studied till 1-2am last night, no no no. So...why? I met up with EU and she suggested Meloty in Richmond.

I am no stranger to Meloty. I think it is probably the only "high-tea" place in Richmond. I have tried Secret Garden at Kerrisdale before (posts here and here) and I really like it. Honestly, who doesn't love hightea? ;D It is always great to sit down with friends, enjoying savoury and sweet goodies, and spend almost the whole day at a restaurant. So I have no reason not to give Meloty a try...

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Dinesty Chinese Restaurant

Autumn is almost here/is already here, but I can still remember the heat in Vancouver this summer (someone told me the temp went up to 33'C one day!?). The worst thing is there isn't any air-con or fan in my house! So I tried to stay indoor as much as I could; it didn't have to be long, but just long enough for me to cool down a bit. In that case, being here at Dinesty is simple: I live near and it got air-con. But most importantly, it's the food that makes me wanna come back again and again! :)