Monday, August 23, 2010

Japan trip-Isetan Dining

It's very common to find a lot of restaurants on the top levels (normally) of every shopping malls/centres in Japan. One of the must-go shopping places in Japan is Isetan. We went there one night, already exhausted after spending almost the whole day shopping in the same district. Then my dad suggested let's find a nearby restaurant for dinner. So we went to the top level, walked around to see what restaurants there were...lastly, we decided Isetan Dining because it has the most variety of food, which can satisfy my mom and dad.
Isetan Dining
7/F Isetan Shinjuku 3-14-1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
東京新宿區新宿3-14-1 伊勢丹 7/F
Tel: 03-3352-0909

1:Yucks! 2:Improvement needed 3:So-So~ 4:Good 5:Very good 6:Heavenly

Food: 4
Price: n/a
Service: 4.5
Ambiance: 3.5
Overall: 4.5
Large variety of food, including set meals, rice bowls, noodles, desserts, drinks, etc.
  • Family-friendly
  • Japanese and English menus available (Bonus: They are full of colourful pictures.
  • Although it has quite a lot of seatings, (maybe) you still have to wait during busy hours.
  • The interior is like a better version of a foodcourt. Well, their food are also better than the foodcourts of course.
  • Pork Noodle Set
    • Came with a mini appetizer, a Chinese-style fried rice, and a dessert.
    • I didn't try this, but judging by my dad's reaction, he was really satisfied by this cheap and filling meal.
    Pork Noodle

    Chinese-style Fried Rice
    • With some shredded egg, lettuce, and a few crab meat on top.
    Appetizer and Dessert
    • The appetizer was the marinated vegetables.
    • I am not sure about dessert. Is that a almond tofu? I don't think my dad tried it because he is not a dessert-eater.
    Fried Pork Rice Bowl Set
    • Came with an appetizer, a salad, and a miso soup.
    • I didn't try this but my mom enjoyed a lot. She likes pork (especially fried pork). She also ordered a Cutlet Sandwich Set in Coffee Negishi :)
    Japanese Set (Sorry I forgot the name, so I just gave it a random name.)
    • Looks pretty, right? ;) That's why I ordered this right after I saw it on the menu.
    • This set came with a lot of dishes; I will break them down below.
    Purple Rice
    • Tasted average. It was a bit sticky and moist.
    • You can choose either white or purple rice. I decided to go for the special one ;)
    Miso Soup-3.5/6
    • Again, tasted similar to other miso soups I've had. The good thing was this soup was loaded with ingredients.
    Eggplant and Okra-2.5/6
    • I was not sure what sauce/paste they've used but still, the flavour was not enough in this dish.
    • The eggplant and the okra were not crunchy; they were a bit too soft instead.
    • It was smoother than I expected. This was not the typical ones I had in Canada/Hong Kong.
    • The sauce did not overtake the tofu. It was very light that you could still taste the fresh bean flavour of the tofu.
    • Came with a small section of yam and a thin beatroot.
    • I chowed down the yam right away so that I could not really tell what it tasted like.
    • Not everyone likes beatroot. I am not a fan of it but I do not mind eating some. It was a little bitter and crunchy.
    • The fish was soft; yet, it would be so much better if they gave me a larger piece.
    Sashimi Salad-3/6
    • There was not any dressing in the salad, so it was a little bit dry. (but that's ok for me)
    • There were 2 small slices of tuna, and 1 slice of salmon sashimi.
    • Actually, they are Green-tea mochis.
    • I tried one of them, did not like it, so they ended up in my sister's stomach.
    • My mother ordered dessert after her meal, which was Green-tea ice cream with a generous amount of red bean paste on the side (sorry that I didn't get a picture of that). Since my mother does not like red beans for some reason, I, being a good daughter, then "helped" her to finish off all the red bean paste :) YUM.

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