Sunday, November 14, 2010

East Is East visit #2-CHAI N' SPICE!

Middle Eastern. For some reason, I always go for Middle Eastern restaurants when I am not in the mood of having Chinese/Japanese food, which are the most common ones I usually have (especially Japanese, thankyouverymuch ;)). Maybe I like the pungent smell and flavour of the spices they use, and also the curiosity to know more about the cuisine.

Like last night, when I was feeling something "special". The first Middle East restaurant I could think of was East Is East, where I have been there once in the early summer. So, any other choices? Yes of course; however, I didn't have Wi-fi at that time and could not think of any except East Is East. Well, since I did not get to try a lot from their menu...why not?

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Meloty-Late-worthy "lunch" ;)

I know I's been a (long) while since my last post. Reason? Very simple-because I have a bunch of tests/exams every week! But how could I waste the one-and-only Halloween sitting in front of a pile of numbers (ahem. calculus, to be precise.)?

So I first started my Halloween with a late lunch. I mean really late, like 2pm. Why so late? It's not because I woke up at 1pm or studied till 1-2am last night, no no no. So...why? I met up with EU and she suggested Meloty in Richmond.

I am no stranger to Meloty. I think it is probably the only "high-tea" place in Richmond. I have tried Secret Garden at Kerrisdale before (posts here and here) and I really like it. Honestly, who doesn't love hightea? ;D It is always great to sit down with friends, enjoying savoury and sweet goodies, and spend almost the whole day at a restaurant. So I have no reason not to give Meloty a try...