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Japan Trip-Oto Oto

Oto Oto is probably the nearest restaurant where you can find all kinds of Japanese food, which means it has both cooked and raw food that can satisfy those who don't eat sashimi, and also some/most of the sushis. My dad is the only person in the family who does not-or even cannot-accept raw fish. So, Oto Oto is the best choice for us.

We went there on the first night we arrived. It was about 8:30pm and this restaurant was already full; we had to wait for 20-30mins at least. We went to somewhere else of course, but before we left, we made a reservation for next day's dinner. There we go: this fancy, busy restaurant.

Oto Oto
1-25-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo 〒163-0690 Shinjuku Sentabiru annex 1-2 F
Tel: 03-5908-2282

1:Yucks! 2:Improvement needed 3:So-So~ 4:Good 5:Very good 6:Heavenly

Food: 5.5
Price: n/a
Service: 5.5 (I would have given them a 6 if the reception's attitude was better :/)
Ambiance: 6
Overall: 5.5

  • Mon-Sun 11:30am-2:30pm (Lunch) 2:30pm-3:30pm (Tea) 5pm-11:30pm (Dinner)
    *(Except Sundays close at 11pm)
  • "[Oto] means sound, including sound of chopping block(board?) and simmering sound that mother cooks food.
    The on-the-site made rice."--Oto Oto
  • Gets really busy at night, especially Japanese like drinking, eating, and chatting with friends/business partners for quite "awhile". (Ok, I admit I like that too.)
  • They also have a mini sushi bar but I seldom see customers seating there.
  • This Shinjuku is only a part of its branches. If you visit their official website, you can find many other restaurants that are also under this company.
Lychee Ume Wine (I just made up this name, but it did describe what's inside the drink).
  • It was very mild. It's more like sipping on some lychee-flavoured water. (FYI: Ume=plum, prunes)
  • Not too sweet, just the right sweetness for me.
  • My dad actually ordered another glass of alchoholic beverage (Honey Ume Wine?), but he preferred mine after trying both ;)
  • Steamed egg with sesame paste, and shrimp and fish roe on top.
  • There was not any flavour in the steamed egg even though there was some sesame paste on the side.
  • But despite it was not a good opening for this meal, this appetizer was free, so my appetite was not affected by it ;D
  • I did not try the shrimp due to my allergy.

朝採り茹立て枝豆(Boiled Fresh Green Soybeans, aka Edamame)-5/6

  • In Japan, they serve edamame in a bunch (if you understand what I mean)! They didn't sprinkle extra (sea)salt on top, but really, who cares?
音音名物: ふんわり手作りもち豆富(Special Product Soften Tofu)-6/6
  • "We have carefully selected our sashimi soy milk at that time the most delicious.
    Please come (and) taste our commitment to the wealth of sound and fresh peas."--Oto Oto
  • Really nice and cute presentation. My sister and I could not figure out what this was when the waiter brought this to our table.
  • Tofu tofu tofu...What can you expect from a tofu? And oh, I was wrong......
  • The texture was interesting! This rounded tofu's texture was chewy! (Yea, I can't believe that I use this word to describe tofu)
  • Apart from chewy, it was also very smooth, like a tofu pudding. Really nice.
茨城産 こだわりエコ農園直送 農園野菜のバーニャカウダー(Fresh Vegetables of the Season Served in Bagna Cauda style)-5/6
  • Vegetables are fresh from eco-commitment farm.
  • Bagna Cauda style means you have to/may dip the vegetables into the hot garlic sauce.

  • The sauce was yummy! It wasn't too salty, and the flavour was not as strong as typical dressings/sauces; however, it was quite addictive. My family and I finished the sauce but left a few fresh vegetables behind.
  • The vegetables (mainly root vegetables) were fresh and crunchy. However, my family did not like some of them because they cannot accept the "raw" flavour of the veggies. For example, radish is the most unwelcomed in my family.
天然出汁たっぷり 奥久慈玉子と京都九条葱の出汁巻き玉子(Baked Egg with Kujo Leek)-6/6
  • A simple dish but is one of my most-order food because I love Japanese-style egg :)
  • The best part of this dish? The egg was not fully cooked, so it was still moist inside with the leek.
鹿児島 薩摩香潤鶏のチキン南蛮(Chicken Nanban)-4/6
  • FYI: Oto Oto uses Kagoshima, Kaoru Zyun Satsuma chicken.
  • My dad would like to have some meat! So he ordered this to satisfy his craving. The chicken was fried nicely without excess oil. He liked it a lot, of course.
  • The lettuce and the dressing on the side could be a salad, and the dressing itself also went very well with the fried chicken.
彩り野菜の海鮮お刺身サラダ 山葵ドレッシング添え(Fresh Sashimi and Vegetable Salad with Wasabi Dressing)-3.5/6
  • There were all kinds of sashimi; I could not even tell which was which.
  • It was a sashimi salad, so it should taste good. And it was.

  • The sad thing was, they only gave us a few slices of sashimiand a lot of shredded lettuce.
豪快漁師刺身七点盛り合せ(Assorted 7 kinds of Special Sashimi)-5.5/6
  • Suitable for 4-5 people. They also have Assorted 5 kinds of Special Sashimi, which is suitable for 2-3 people.
  • For the sashimi, they are from the fresh items of the day. If you want to know what fresh fish they have that day, you can ask the waiter for a fish menu :)
  • Sorry that I didn't take a photo of each sashimi. But my favourites among all 7 kinds were tuna and scallop.
  • While my dad was all satisfied with his cooked food, the rest of us got to enjoy this nicely-presented sashimi. Yum!
Intermission: Everything was cleaned! (Except that left-over radish on the lower left-hand corner. Haha)

お好み和タパス三種盛合せ(Assortment of 3 kinds of Japanese Tapas)
  • There is a short list of Japanese Tapas on the menu which you can choose from.
セロリのきんぴら 黒七味掛け(Stir-fried Celery with Red Pepper)-6/6
  • The names of all dishes are from their website. I can't remember what's exactly on the menu, so don't ask me about the "red pepper".
  • The pure taste of this dish came just right while we were waiting for other food to come. Also after having 7 kinds of sashimi, we need some veggie to balance it out.
愛知 完熟無花果と海老の胡麻酢掛け(Fully-ripened Fig & Shrimp dressed with Sesame & Vinegar Sauce)
  • I only tried the fig, and it was soft and sweet.
  • The sauce was just right to give the fig an extra flavour without overpowering the natural flavour of it.
冬瓜の鶏スープ煮 紅ズワイ餡かけ(Simmered Wax gourd with Chicken Soup, Served with a sauce of Crab)-6/6
  • Again, this dish did not have much flavour like the Stir-fried Celery.
  • I actually wanted to have more, but it was the first one to finish among the 3 Tapas.
  • From it broth-y presention with some shredded crab meat, this reminded me of the Avocado Tempura with Sakura Ebi Sauce I had in Miku Restaurant.
Tuna Sashimi-5.5/6
  • After having the Assorted 7 kinds of Sashimi, my sister and I wanted to have more tuna! So we decided to order more...
土鍋 炊きたて白ご飯 ”銀しゃり”(Steamed Rice in the Earthen Pot)
  • Oto Oto also has quite a lot of Steamed Rice choices on their menu. All of them will take 30mins to steam, and are suitable for 2-4 people.
  • Okay, this was a mistake (that's why the picture was so blurry). My dad ordered it becasue he needed rice, and thought there was pork/chicken on-top on the rice. However, this was just a plain pot of steamed rice.
  • You can tell from the picture...This was a big pot of rice, I'm not kidding.
  • To solve the problem, my dad ended up ordering the following...
Stewed Pork
  • I only tried a little bit of the pork, but I could recall my dad saying this was very tasty, tasted like the Dongpo's pork.
  • If my memeory serves me right, the right object on the right must be yam.

These are all the main dishes we ordered at Oto Oto :) I will be posting up the desserts we had soon. Stay tune!

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