Friday, April 02, 2010

Chinese Cold Noodles-Let's Get Your Hands AND Your Kids' Hands Dirtyy!

As I have mentioned in the last Aunt Jemima Pancake post, it is fun (or even important) to encourage the children to cook. For example-case #1, you are stressed out in the kitchen because you have to cook while keeping an eye on your children; case #2, you want to develop your children's interest in cooking so that they can take care of themselves when they grow up. Most importantly, who doesn't like to cook with someone (e.g. friends and family, especially your kids) in the kitchen?

But I know everything has to start with a first step. Before jumping to those gourmet dishes, let's get started with some simple yet delicious recipes! :)

I have a cold noodle recipe which you can choose your own ingredients and combine them with Chinese noodles. You can either serve them cold or hot.

(Image from Serious Eats)
Chinese Cold Noodles
  • Easy! This recipe only have 5 steps.
  • A fun way for children to learn to cook
  • You can use left-overs for this dish
  • Practice creativity
  • Can be very nutritious
  • Can be a snack, lunch, or dinner

  • Chinese noodles 150g (any kinds of Chinese noodles are fine)
  • Ham 80g
  • Egg 1 whole
  • Cucumber 150g
  • Salt a pinch
  • Oil 1/2 tbsp.

*You can add/change any ingredients you like. I've chosen ham, egg and cucumber which can give the texture to the noodles. You can add corn, carrot, asparagus, sliced mushrooms, chicken...anything!

Seasonings for noodles:

  • Sesame oil 4tsp.
  • Salt 1 level tsp.

*You can always change the amount added; this really depends on your personal liking.

  1. Cool noodles in boiling water, drain, season well and chill.
  2. Break and beat egg with a pinch of salt. Make a thin pancake with beaten egg and shred.

    *Key points to watch:
    don't overcook the egg! Watch the sides of the pancake, they will slightly curl up.
  3. Clean cucumber, wipe with a kitchen paper and shred finely.
  4. Shred cooked ham. (You can cook and shred all ingredients at this point.)
  5. Serve noodles with all the ingredients you have prepared.

    *Children can design their cold noodles if they like :)

DONE! You don't need hours to prepare something delicious. This recipe only have 5 steps and only takes less than 30mins to cook. While you are enjoying the chewy cold noodles, I'm sure your kids have had fun as well.

So, grab your shopping bag and start your grocery shopping! Buy any kinds of ingredients you like. Got some left-overs? No problem. Reheat and shred them, then add to this dish. When you already have all ingredients, then you're ready to go! ENJOY!

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