Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Time for a twist!-With some Gargantuan Green Grape maybe?

I enjoy seeing my blog flooded with differnet food reviews! :) However, I've decided to give it a little twist just to give a balance to my blog. So...which topic should I start to talk about? There are several ideas come to my mind, but since "Fashion" comes to my mind right away (at this moment), I decide to give my first "twist" to this topic.

Fashion. Clothes? Check! Shoes? Check! Accessories? Check! ...Nail Polish?
I remember my mother used to have buckets of nail polish when I was about 5 years old. I wondered why she had to paint her pretty nails in colours. If anything went wrong, she had to remove the colour and do it again. So why did she have to spend so much time on ten tiny parts of her toes and nails?

Until I grow older, I start to understand. Now I can't help looking at those gorgeous tiny bottles filled with different colours! My always go-to brand is OPI; I think they have the largest variety of colours and the best brush I've used so far. Well, I'm not going to write a review on OPI, but to introduce one of my favourite colours for this season (Summer/Spring 2010) :)

Image from WhoWhatWear

YES, this colour trend is inspired by Chanel; their Jade colour retails for $25. I tried to find one but they told me this Jade colour was not sold in Canada. Disappointed enough, I then went to OPI's website and tried to find a similar one. Here's what I've found:

Images from Nail Galore

OPI-Gargantuan Green Grape (NL B44)
Prices: $9-11 (depends where you buy)

At first, I was not dare to put this light-green colour on my nails. I was afriad they would look the witch's hands! (I was thinking the witch from The Wizard of Oz...) But at last, I still gave it a try.

Surprisingly, this light-green colour suits my skin tone. The colour, with a bit yellowish and greenish, looks really unique. I also recommend Essie's Mint Candy Apple, which is a more pale light green.

Looks like I'm going green this summer! ;)

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