Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dessert Kitchen-Mung Bean Journey #2

In my last Mung Bean Journey, I went to Bubble Fruity to satisfy my craving. This time, I just wanted to find a place for dessert after dinner, so I chose the nearest-Dessert Kitchen.

This is my second visit. I remember I didn't order something fancy last time I visited Dessert Kitchen. Since I favour Chinese desserts more than the Western ones, I decide to give their "Green Bean Sweet Soup" (aka Mung Bean Dessert) a try ;)

Dessert Kitchen
#8580 Alexandra Rd, Richmond BC

1:Yucks! 2:Improvement needed 3:So-So~ 4:Good 5:Very good 6:Heavenly

Food: 5
Price: 6
Services: 5
Ambiance: 3 (it drops because the movie they were playing was too loud)
  • Run by Chinese
  • Chinese and Western desserts available
  • Suitable for teenagers to hang out with friends
  • Snacks (noodles) available
  • Not sure whether the chef is a Pro (?)
  • Magazines (mainly Chinese) available
  • Have two TVs on the wall. They can be entertaining AND irritating.

Green Bean Sweet Soup-6/6
  • $4
  • Not too sweet
  • You can tell it's freshly made; it doesn't look/feel/taste like it's microwaved
  • Price is acceptable. The photo above may not show, but actually the bowl is pretty big, AND...(see below)

  • It is LOADED with mung beans and seaweed!
  • Highly recommend for Mung Bean Dessert lovers
  • Mung beans are chewy and not overly soft
  • Seaweed is soft but that's normal since it has been boiled and been cooked for awhile
Chinese Herbal Tea With Egg-n/a
  • $4.25
  • I didn't try this
  • It may look weird to some people but it's basically a Chinese herbal soup with a whole egg
  • According to EU, she did enjoy this dessert
  • Same as the Green Bean Sweet Soup, it is not too sweet as well
  • However, compare to the Green Bean Sweet Soup, $4.25 is a bit expensive for such a plain dessert
  • The egg is cooked well; the skin is not too hard or too soft

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