Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Healthee-Go Green Go Healthy! #1

The day I visited Healthee was a sunny saturday, so EU and I decided to go to Kerrisdale to enjoy the welcome of spring ;)

Speaking of Kerrisdale, EU is definitely more familiar than I do because she passes by every day on her way to and from school. My impression to Kerrisdale? It is such a lovely place! I always enjoy spending time there.

Ok, let's move back to the food!

2277 West 41st Avenue (Kerrisdale), Vancouver BC

1:Yucks! 2:Improvement needed 3:So-So~ 4:Good 5: Very Good 6:Heavenly

Food: 5.5
Price: 5
Services: 6
Ambiance: 5.5
Overall: 5.5
  • salads, wraps, soups, chilis, and bagels available
  • Mon-Fri 8:30am-7pm Sat-Sun 9:30am-6pm
  • breakfast available
  • healthy sweet treats (cookies, chocolate covered frozen bananas) available
  • salads, wraps, and bagels can be custom made
  • owner Joe and the staffs are very friendly
  • kids-friendly, comfy atmosphere
  • XOXOLAT choclates available
  • Dine in/Take out

The interior is simple, designed with mainly green and white colours. Despite its small location, you will sure feel comfortable having a simple and delicious brunch/lunch/snack here.

I normally order their custom chopped salad/wrap. You first choose a bowl/whole wheat wrap, then choose the greens (spinach/romaine/mixed greens) you want. After that, you can choose 4 regular toppings (0.75 per additional toppings). Healthee has a large variety of toppings: veggies, fruits, nuts, proteins (e.g. beans, eggs). If you want to add some cheese for extra flavour, you can +$1 for each cheese topping.
Too much veggie? You can add a premium protein topping; the price depends on which topping you want. Last but not least, to give your salad a moist flavour, you need to pick a Healthee-Made dressing from their menu.

Too complicated? You can opt for thier feature salads and wraps.

Custom Made Wrap-n/a
  • I don't really remember the price but I think it's about $7
  • romaine, beets, black beans, tomatoes, red peppers with raspberry vinaigrette
  • sorry for the blurry photo, I hope you can see how the wrap looks inside
  • I can't rate this wrap because I didn't try it
  • it was not wrapped tightly, so EU had a hard time eating it
  • since it wasn't wrapped well, the dressing kept dripping from the wrap
  • each wrap comes with two slices of apples

Custom Made Wrap-6/6
  • same as the above wrap, it is about $7
  • spinach, beets, craisins, edamame, banana peppers with yoghurt & dill dressing
  • luckily, mine was wrapped tightly so I enjoyed it a lot!
  • every ingredient is fresh and they gave me an equal amount of everything
  • this was my first time trying craisins. The texture is like dry cranberries+dry raisins. But it's a bit hard for me, not really chewy.
  • yoghurt & dill dressing is not really strong
  • I like how Healthee serves the wrap to us with two slices of apples on the tray. Neat!

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