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2010 Richmond Summer Night Market #2


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Totoro Bubble Tea

  • The first stall you see when you enter the foodcourt is also called Totoro Bubble Tea, and they're both from the same owner.
  • Have a location at Alexandra Rd (#2140-8391 Alexandra Rd, Richmond BC)
  • Offer tempura and waffles
  • I didn't try their tempura, but they were quite popular to the locals.
  • They have bottles of sauces on the table for you to add to your tempura.
  • They have four flavours for the waffles: nutella (chocolate), peanut butter & condensed milk, red bean, and black sesame butter.
Sweet Black Sesame Butter Waffle-4.5/6
  • $3.50/ea $6/2 waffles
  • The waffle itself was crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside.
  • Despite they call the filling as "black sesame butter", it was not as thick as it might sound. The filling was actually a very smooth liquid.
  • The warm waffled gave the dressing an extra kick by making it
Hong Kong Egg Puffs
  • This may be the most popular stall in the foodcourt.
  • The night market usually has more than one stall selling egg waffles (remember last year?), but this is the only one this year. Given that reason, everyone rushes to this one-and-only food stall for their egg waffles.
  • They have four flavours: original, chocolate, strawberry, and sesame.
  • The strawberry flavour one comes in pink, of course. BUT, the chocolate and the sesame ones look very similar! After hearing someone asking about the chocolate flavour, the lady explained they actually use chocolate chip.
  • They kind of have a...errr......"system". They use those mahjong tokens to indicate how many waffles they have to make. Once you've ordered and paid, they will give you a number. You can either walk around or stand there while you are waiting ;)
  • See those jars at the back next to the paper boxes? Those are the batter they've made. Everytime they need to make a waffle, they will pour the batter into other small measuring cups. Hmm, this is my first time seeing people making egg waffles with such exact amount of batter :/
  • In the making, in the making, in the making......
  • Right before the waffles are served, they are set to cool down a little in front of the fan. This step is known to add crunchiness to the waffle.
Original Egg Waffle-1/6
  • $3.50/ea $6/2 waffles
  • Just by looking at it, I could already tell this waffle was an epic failure. Who on earth will roll the egg waffle especially when it is still warm??
  • Needless to say, the waffle was very bland and soggy. For better egg waffles, I will rather going back to Bubble Queen (posts here and here)
Sumo Bites Rice Burgers
  • Japanese-style rice burgers
  • Have three flavours: teriyaki beef, teriyaki chicken, and pork sausage.
  • Other snacks available as well

  • Has appeared on newspaper, and they are on facebook and twitter now. You can also visit their website here.
  • There are a bunch of people working in this food stall. Someone is cooking the fillings...
  • Someone is grilling the rice burgers...and two ladies are working as the cashier in front.
Kurobuta Pork Sausage Rice Burger
  • $4
  • I didn't try this, but I found it quite interesting to see the sausages piled up in a burger :D
  • For the Teriyaki Beef Rice Burger, I didn't get a shot of that, but it is just regular teriyaki beef on a burger.
Teriyaki Chicken Rice Burger-3/6
  • $4
  • The burger was small, but the chicken was all piled up!
  • The chicken was surprisingly soft and the teriyaki sauce went well with the the burger.
  • Before you dig in, remember to prepare some tissue paper as this will eventually get really messy!
  • Though I like the idea of using rice burgers, the rice burger itself was too soft to support the entire thing. Also, it was not crunchy as I expected it to be.
Cool Zone (outside the foodcourt)
  • Local fresh seasonal fruits, and drinks available
  • The berries and cherries were only part of their stall. They also have rambutan, mangosteen, lychees...most seasonal fruits you want.
  • The price changes along with the season ;)
  • Apart from blueberries, I also tried their other kinds of berries and cherries. They were fresh, and certainly gave me a refreshing moment after all those crazy snacking in the foodcourt.
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All the foods I've tried are only a part of the Night Market's foodcourt, there are still a lot of stuff going on in there. Next time when you're bored or still want to hang around after all the malls are closed, go to Richmond Night Market and I'm sure you will have a great time ;D

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