Sunday, June 27, 2010

2010 Richmond Summer Night Market #1

Finally! Here comes my post of the Richmond Summer Night Market! Though it's already mid-July, I hope it's not too late for me to post all the stuff I've tried.


  • Mini rollers; they are basically the mini version of the Asian fried spring roll.
  • Samples available. If you don't see them, ask the people to give you some ;D
  • I don't remember the price exactly (about $1 each maybe?). However, these can only be snacks because they are really tiny.
  • Of course, these were not as oily as those regular spring rolls. They were simply crunchy.
  • They offer several flavours: blueberry, apple cinnamon, chocolate...that's all I can remember. They were quite average, but I did appreciate that you can still taste the fillings given their tiny sizes.

Taiwan Traditional Snacks
  • Offer common taiwan snacks, but no shaved ice. If you want shaved ice, please go to another stall nearby.
  • They have those "big" sausages, sugar-coated strawberries, and wheels cake.

Wheels Cake-3.5/6

  • $1
  • Thick-battered cake with fillings
  • Three types of filligns available: red bean, nutella (chocolate), and custard cream.
  • I've tried the ones from Peanut's Bubble Tea in Richmond Public Market before, and they make really good ones. Compare the appearances from both stores, the one here wasn't well-seared. Is that a good or bad thing? :/

  • The cake did have quite a lot of filling, but the dough itself was a bit too soggy for my liking.

Top Wok

  • Occupies the most stalls in the foodcourt

  • Offer common Chinese snacks (e.g. fish balls, shiu mai, cha siu buns)

Cha Siu Bun-2/6

  • To be honest, I was quite excited to see most stalls actually keep the buns warm by using the traditional bamboo steamers. However, when I first got my Cha Siu Bun from Top Wok, it was piping hot on the outside but was totally frozen inside!

  • Anyway, I returned and asked them to give me another one ;)
  • The bun was tough even though it was kept inside the bamboo steamers, and...
  • The filling was just quite dry. Of course, I am pretty sure that most of the steamed buns here are the frozen ones you normally find in T&T.

  • Run by Japanese
  • Offer different fillings: scallop, octopus, and squid
  • The man at the back is a real pro! His action was really fast, especially when he was transferring the takoyaki from one tray to another.

Scallop Takoyaki-4.5/6
  • $5
  • These were really good. They were soft, and I could find scallop pieces in each takoyaki.
  • They were served hot both inside and outside. Nice :)

Korean Street Food

  • One of the most popular stalls in the foodcourt
  • Offer roasted potato chips (not sure what is it? The "potato slices on a stick" that everyone's holding), and "fish cake", which is similar to the wheels cake but in a fish shape instead.
  • For the fish cake, they also have nutella (chocolate), custard cream, and red bean filling.

Custard Fish Cake-3.5/6

  • $1
  • The cake was served lukewarm, but the custard was very hot! Once I bit the top fish head off, the custard began to ooze out and literally burnt my lips, ahaha :D
  • Despite how nice the custard's consistency was, I found it overly sweet.
Red Bean Fish Cake-5/6
  • $1
  • The cake again was served lukewarm, but this time the filling was not as hot as the custard. Also, the amount of red bean was not as much as the custard.
  • The red bean filling in the fish cake was relatively more paste-y compare to the wheels cake one.
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There will be another post on the Night Market later. Stay tuned! :)


  1. Fish cake is $1 each for 6 for $5.
    Takoyaki is 6 for $5 or $4 for one of each kind (4 takoyaki)

  2. Thanks very much!! :) I totally forgot all prices because I tried those before.