Monday, May 31, 2010

Pho Tai Hoa

Last time I had Vietnamese sub in Richmond was at Hue Cafe, which to me, was quite a disappointing experience. But don't get me wrong, I'm still open to try different Vietnamese restaurants in Richmond ;)

Someone recently decides to try all Viet subs in Richmond; well, since she has more time to try new restaurants now, I can't say that's impossible. Before I returned to my busy school life, I decided to end my weekend with an easy and simple dinner.
Pho Tai Hoa

1101-8328 Capstan Way, Richmond BC (located at the Union Square)

1:Yucks! 2:Improvement needed 3:So-So~ 4:Good 5:Very good 6:Heavenly

Food: n/a (I've only tried one sub)
Price: 5
Ambiance: 3
Service: 4
Overall: n/a
  • Mon 12pm-9pm Tue-Sun 11am-10pm
  • Authentic Vietnamese restaurant
  • 2009 Best Vietnamese Restaurant
  • Other location is on 1625 Kingsway, Vancouver BC
  • Large varieties in menu
  • Viet subs are freshly made upon order
Banh Mi Ga-5/6
  • $3.95
  • It was lukewarm when we got the subs. Just like other Vietnamese restaurants, the take-out sub was wrapped in a piece of parchment paper, and tied with rubberband.
  • French bread sub with shredded chicken, vegetables and hot peppers, topped with cilantro.
  • Unlike the baguette in Viet Sub, Tai Hoa's is comparatively less crunchy; however, the inner part of the baguette was really soft.
  • Apparently, the pickled vegetables were sour; they were even sourer than the ones in Hue Cafe and Viet Sub. They also gave a little kick to the shredded chicken. Anyway, that didn't really bother me because I like tangy and tart stuff :D
  • The shredded chicken certainly was the focus of the sub. I really like how thin the texture was!

  • They really gave us a generous amont of chicken! The shredded chicken was nicely marinated just with the right amount of saltyness. It might look dry from the pictures, but it was actually quite moist.
  • Like I said, this sub was loaded with shredded chicken! However, you won't get bloated after having it; instead, the sauce and the tartness of the vegetables will surely give you a refreshing touch! Yum!

I will definitely come back and try more subs. While I was waiting for my sub, I saw they offer many different kinds of Viet subs. Next time when I am craving for some Viet subs, I can now go to Pho Tai Hoa without going to downtown. Woohoo~ Of course, I know there are still many good Viet sub places in Richmond, and I shall leave the discovery process to someone else ;D

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