Saturday, May 29, 2010

Takifugu Japanese Dining-Japanese Tapas?

It's almost the end of May; I've been living a hectic life over the past few weeks. Busy weeks, busy weeks and luckily, they are finally coming to an end. Since I still got work to do tonight, I decided to stay in Richmond for an easy saturday dinner.

Scroll down the wishlist on Urbanspoon, and ah, Takifugu looked pretty good to me.

Takifugu Japanese Dining
#133-4800 No.3 Rd, Richmond BC

1:Yucks! 2:Improvement needed 3:So-So~ 4:Good 5:Very good 6:Heavenly

Food: 3
Price: 3
Service: 5
Ambiance: 5
Overall: 4

  • Tue-Sat 6pm-2am Sun 6pm-1am
    Closed on Mondays
  • Late-night
  • Run by Chinese; family-business
  • Parking available
  • Offer large variety of sashimi
  • A la carte available
  • Wine, sake, etc. available
  • Wide and bright area with a lot of seatings
  • Location is pretty hard to find

When I arrived, the door was closed and there wasn't any light/sign showing that they were opened. Anyway, I opened the door, then a super-friendly lady came and led us to our table. Honestly, the restaurant's atmosphere and its front-door looked totally different to me!

Marinated Seamoss with Jelly Fish-3.5/6
  • $5
  • I was curious what's the difference between seamoss and wakame, so that's why I ordered this.
  • Judging from the above picture and from the texture, seamoss is basically the Chinese "fat choy" (the black long thin vermicelli-like food).

  • It was a tart marinade. I like sour stuff so I'm okay with the it, but maybe some people may find it too strong.
  • The ingredients were the standard ones that you can find in any supermarket. They were chewy, and the seamoss was a little slimy.
  • Yes, despite the presentation was good, I really think this is over-priced. $5 for a little cup of appetizer? Hmmmmm.... :/
Grilled Eel with Egg-3/6
  • $6
  • Again, the eel and the egg were obviously not freshly made.

  • Everything was average; it was the sauce that gave flavour to this dish.
  • I was a bit disappointed because I thought this appetizer would be better.
  • $6 for 4 pieces. What do you think? ;)

Cooked Baby Mushroom with Grilled Atlantic Salmon-4/6

  • $5
  • I think this was the best dish of the night, mainly because it got salmon.
  • Actually, we wanted to order the Seared Mackerel Sashimi; however, they didn't have that regular mackerel. They then showed us the only, "fresh from Japan" mackerel, which cost $25. Of course, we decided not to order it at the end.
  • The grilled salmon was cut into pieces and topped with some cooked enoki mushroom. Tastewise; 1/2 grilled and 1/2 raw.
  • Some may consider this as tasteless, but I found that acceptable.


  • $6.50

  • Gourd, egg, cucumber, prawn, and mushroom
  • It was wrapped loosely, but the rice did have a (strong) vinegar flavour. I normally won't notice whether the sushi rice is vinegary or not, but in this case, I could easily notice the sharpness of the vinegar.
  • The "prawn" looked like those fake crabmeat sticks to me, BUT it was actually real prawn. The thing was its texture; it tasted like lobster to me. (Even though I haven't had seafood for a longggggg time, I still remember the difference between prawn, lobster, and crab ;D)
  • Since I was not sure whether its a prawn, lobster, or crab, I left the question to my company: EU-I'm sure she has more experiences in seafood than me!
  • As a result, she was pretty sure that the "prawn" was actually lobster.

We were the first customers, but as it got later, more people came; I then noticed most tables were families.

I like the atmosphere and the presentation of the food; however, the food is not as impressive as I thought it would be. Surely there are still other dishes I want to try, but I really need to allow my wallet to recover for awhile before my next visit :)

Takifugu Japanese Dining on Urbanspoon

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