Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Eatery-Astro Boy?!

There are a few restaurants that appear in both EU and my wishlists. When it comes to sushi places, we are always looking for special rolls, and of course, sashimi! (Well, at least for me)

Last weekend when we were strolling around Kitslano, I saw The Eatery, and that reminded EU of their loooonggggg menu. Since it coincidentally appeared on our wishlists, we decided to give it a try this weekend.

The Eatery

3431 W Broadway, Vancouver BC

1:Yucks! 2:Improvement needed 3:So-So~ 4:Good 5:Very good 6:Heavenly

Food: 5
Price: 5
Service: 5.5
Ambiance: 5
Overall: 5.5

  • Opens daily
  • Lunch starts at 12:30am
  • Late night on fridays and saturdays

  • Has been part of Kitslano since 1983
  • Suitable for crowds
  • Japanese fusion restaurant
  • Dine in/Take out
  • Park along the streets
  • Large variety in menu (both in food and drinks)
  • Combos available
  • They also have a lot of cooked food for those who don'e like raw food.

  • Interesting decor (Actually there are more, but since they only opened an area for customers, we didn't have a chance to take pictures of other decor.)

The lady who served us was extremely friendly. We were served two cups of ice water after seated, then we asked for hot tea.

After that I read their menu and it was incredibly long! Not only the decor is interesting in The Eatery, their menu is impressive as well!I love how they describe the roll and add a tiny picture next to each special roll :D

Wakame Salad-3.5/6

  • $4.75
  • Standard dish, except I find the dressing was slighty different from the ones I had in other places. Also, I found the colour was a little lighter than the other ones.
  • They gave us a reasonable amount of wakame.
I did spend awhile reading their Funky Creations page! They offer soo many different rolls: vegetarian rolls, funky special rolls, cream cheese maki, and of course, the basic ones (Sushi 101 and nigiri sushi). EU and I had several ideas in mind, and finally, we ended up ordering 3 rolls.

Buddah Roll & X-Rated Roll

  • Buddah Roll-4.5/6
  • $5.25/5pcs
  • Yam tempura, red pepper, and asparagus with dragon sauce
  • Dragon sauce is one of their house-made secret sauces; it is a little bit spicy, but EU and I love it.
  • It was well-executed with all fillings tightly wrapped together.
  • The rice was moist and the texture was like the ones in Japanese restaurants. The only thing was it did not have the vinegar flavour. But honestly, given the creativity and the decent rolls, who cares? ;D
  • Of course, this roll tasted and looked the plainest among all rolls we ordered. However, the sauce gave it a nice touch and kept it refreshing at the same time.
  • I will definitely try their other vegetarian rolls in my next visit!

  • X-Rated Roll-5/6
  • $6.75/5pcs
  • Tuna, salmon, crab meat, and eel with spicy mayo
  • The spicy mayo and the dragon sauce are both spicy, but they taste different. It was EU who suggested this roll, which really surprised me because she normally does not eat spicy food. So did she enjoy it? Yes she did; she said the spiciness was acceptable.
  • I found their crab meat tasted different from the regular ones I had. It was a little creamier and looked more pinkish.
  • Again, you are able to find all the ingredients in the roll :)
  • The rice tasted the same as the Buddah Roll, but I didn't really bother.
Malibu Roll-5.5/6
  • $6.50/8pcs

  • Crab meat, cucumber, and papaya with smoked salmon on top
  • The thing that attracted me to order this roll was the papaya! Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of papaya, but papaya in a sushi roll? I sure had to give it a try!
  • The papaya looked like mango to me, and it was not as sweet as I thought.
  • All other ingredients were same as the above rolls.
  • I later figured out that they actually gave us two layers of smoked salmon ;D

I had a great time in The Eatery, and I will certainly come back to try more special rolls! The other good thing is their special rolls are comparatively cheaper than the special rolls I've had before. Maybe I will come back for dinner next time because their interior seems more interesting at night :)

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  1. Hmm... After having so many "spicy" sushi creations, I think I have to rethink my spicy-tolerance standard... *deep thinking* Keke, I guess a little spiciness is still fine for me. ;)

    And, yeah! Great lunch we had! I really liked they gave us a huge pot of tea XD. I was delighted when I saw that SailorMoon pic on the menu! Omg! <3

  2. It's great! We will sure re-visit The Eatery again ;) They have waaayyyy too many special rolls we need to try. LOL!