Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Matsuyama #2-Another good place for BIG sashimi

I am constantly craving for Japanese food, especially sashimi, no matter what the time is (yes, even in the middle of the night). So EU brought me to Banzai Sushi House few months ago because I can get LARGE portions with a relatively low price. Of course, you can't expect much from such restaurant, but it can surely satisfy my craving!

Still, I wanted to find a similar restaurant like Banzai...with a "higher level". I discovered Matsuyama long time ago and have made regular visits when I want to grab some Japanese food.

This Sunday, while I had no idea where to go for dinner, EU suggested Matsuyama. Japanese food? Sushi? Sashimi? Ok I am here.

Matsuyama Japanese Restaurant
110-8500 Alexandra Rd, Richmond BC

1:Yucks! 2:Improvement needed 3:So-So~ 4:Good 5:Very good 6:Heavenly

Food: 5.5
Price: 4.5
Service: 5
Ambiance: 5
Overall: 5.5

  • For lunch: Sun-Mon 11am-2:30pm
    For dinner: Sun-Thurs: 5pm-12am Fri-Sat: 5pm-1am
  • Run by Chinese
  • Have 2-3 Japanese chefs in the sushi bar
  • Dine in/Take out (Free delivery with $25 minimum)
  • Parking available
  • Popular to locals/Chinese
  • Lunch combos, bento boxes, and combos available
  • Late night menu after 9pm
  • Special rolls available
  • Large variety in menu
  • Gets busy at night
Wakame Salad-4/6
  • $4.25
  • Slightly over-priced. With a comparatively higher price, they did not serve a bigger portion of Wakame Salad compare to other Japanese restaurants.
  • Nothing to shout about as this was pre-made.
Canuck Roll-4.5/6
  • $4.95
  • They offer quite a lot of specialty rolls, ranging from $4.25-10.95.

  • Crab salad and asparagus topped with smoked salmon
  • The smoked salmon smelt really good, and it certainly tasted good as well.
  • The asparagus was a bit tough.
  • Overall, this roll was well-executed; all ingredients were wrapped tightly and the sushi rice had its proper vinegary flavour.
Saba & Tuna Sashimi-6/6 for Saba, 5.5/6 for Tuna
  • $10.95/9pcs
  • Notice: They don't have 1/2 serving; you have to order 9pcs each time!
  • Yes, the sashimi here is a bit pricier, but with its generous portion, I find it is quite worthy.

  • EU and I both love the sourness in the saba! Does anyone know why saba sashimi always comes with a hint of sourness? For preservation?

  • Oh, how I miss tuna sashimi! The last two times I had tuna was in Gyoza King and Sushi Oyama, but the tuna from both restaurants tasted mushy and bland; I was wondering whether it's not the season for good tuna sashimi :/ Ok, back to the tuna! The ones here were far from mushy; instead, they were fishy and chewy. I did have a good time enjoying these ;)

From its outlook, Matsuyama does look like a creepy restaurant as you cannot see through the windows from the outside. However, do give it a try! Maybe you will leave with something unexpected :)

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  1. looks good! i love wakame salad~~yum

  2. Hi Mr. Pineapple Man (I really like your name ;)),
    Yes, they tasted really good as well! I also like to order edamame as an appetizer.

  3. late night at matsuyama(~9pm... my sister used to drag me with her)is okay, just a lot of people and i do have to agree the exterior of the restaurant is a bit creepy... it's always so dark!!