Monday, July 26, 2010

Japan trip-Roku-Maru Gogenton

After staying in Hong Kong for about a week, I had to pack my stuff again and readied for another trip to Tokyo Japan.

I did not spend much time taking photos of the tourist attractions; instead, almost all the photos I took this time were all about the food! So, here is our first meal in Japan! :)
Roku-Maru Gogenton
Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku Mitsui Building 2-1-1 B1/F
東京都新宿區西新宿2-1-1新宿三井ビル B1/F
Tel: 03-5909-1696

1:Yucks! 2:Improvement needed 3:So-S0~ 4:Good 5:Very good 6:Heavenly

Food: 4.5
Price: n/a
Service: 6
Ambiance: 4
Overall: 5
  • Various locations, and each has different business hours
  • Japanese (pork) hotpot restaurant
  • Open-kitchen
  • Suitable for adults to have a drink/relax after work
  • Gets busier as it gets late
  • Similar to other typical restaurants in Japan, the restaurant is divided into smoking and non-smoking areas.
  • Teas, Japanese beers, sake available
Oolong Tea
  • Restaurants in Japan love serving water/tea in cold. It was alright since the weather was pretty hot...even hotter than Hong Kong!
  • Unlike Chinese restaurants, every cup of tea costs. I'm not sure about the second cup though...maybe you are allowed to "refill".
  • I actually wanted to have ocha/green tea, but they didn't have any tea except oolong tea :/
Fresh Shell
  • Free
  • Each person got 3; served after you've ordered
  • My mom ate the first one with the chopsticks; but then the waiter taught us to eat them with a toothpick instead.
  • Soaked in some light soy sauce, which had a mild sweetness.
  • They were really fresh and chewy. My mother loved these.

Spinash Salad-4.5/6

  • Dressing served aside, with an egg in it.
  • Some people hate the raw flavour of onions; but I love it. The onions and the black pepper sprinkled on top were really good. I almost finished all the onions. Yum.

  • Some pork/ham cubes were mixed into the salad; they were a tad tasty and went well with the fresh veggie.

Fried Pork-4/6

  • Served on a bed of sliced cabbage. You can mix in the sauce and turn it into a salad (which my dad seemed to quite enjoy).
  • They were fried at the right point. The skin was just a little oily.
  • After deep-frying, the pork was still juicy and tender.
  • They may look big here, but actually it's 1/2 pork 1/2 onions. I didn't get to try the onions though :(

Cold Tofu-3.5/6

  • Another one of my favourites-tofu!, with some dried small fish on top.
  • After trying a couple of times, I found the fried fish taste like dried pork floss....they did have some "pork-y" flavour.
  • Standard soft tofu served in some sort of ponzu sauce.

Egg with Masago & Spinach-6/6

  • This was the best dish of the night! Everyone loved it!
  • It looked like an omelette actually, with chopped spinach and some masago mixed into the egg.
  • The egg was not fully cooked; it was still quite watery inside. The great thing was, however, the egg just melt in your mouth with the other ingredients. Yumyumyum.

Seared Saba Sashimi-4/6

  • Of course, I need raw fish (that's probably one of my purposes to be here in Japan)! So I was really excited to have this.
  • Roku-Mary does not have quite a lot of sashimi; they only have 1-3 kinds of sashimi.

  • They sure look as good as they taste. Tender meat with a hint of vinegary taste...
  • However, speaking of sashimi, they were not as raw as I thought. Yes they were nicely seared, but I was expecting some sashimi :(

Fried Ham-4.5/6

  • Sorry I didn't take a photo of this. You can imagine using ham as a tempura...
  • Tasted interesting to me because I seldom have fried ham, haha.
  • This was surely better than I expected. It was not greasy, crunchy with a thin crust.

Sweet Potato Dessert

  • Roku-Maru does not offer many desserts, e.g. yuzu sorbet, matcha ice-cream, and this. Since this was the most "special" dessert on the menu, my mom chose to have this instead of ice-cream.
  • It looked like noodle on the outside, but there's vanilla ice-cream inside.
  • Sprinkled with some cinnamon/cocoa powder on the side.

So, here's my first Japan post :) If you want to know more about Roku-Maru Gogenton, please visit their website.

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