Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Japan trip-星岡茶寮

I remember this was the last day of our Japan trip. My dad decided to end the trip with a wonderful, perfect, filling meal.

We did not really plan for the last day, so my mom (and ahem, my sister) chose to make a last minute shopping at Isetan. We, well at least I, were totally exhausted after spending the entire day walking and walking around Shinjuku. My dad and I were too tired to bother finding a fancy restaurant for our last meal. At last, we went to Isetan for dinner again (To see the first dinner I had at Isetan, please read here), and we saw this Japanese restaurant that was hidden inside an alley.

新宿星岡茶寮(しんじゅく ほしがおかさりょう)(Shinjuku Hoshiga Okasaryo)
7/F Itoparadaisu, 3-14-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku Isetan, Main Building
東京都新宿区新宿3-14-1 伊勢丹新宿店本館7Fイートパラダイス
Tel: 03-3352-0976

1:Yucks! 2:Improvement needed 3:So-So~ 4:Good 5:Very good 6:Heavenly

Food: 5
Price: n/a
Service: 6
Ambiance: 5
Overall: 5
  • Mon-Sun 11am-10pm
  • The thing that attracted me to try this restaurant was the colourful food models on the window, especially they offered more than one kind of Kaiseki sets.
  • I did not walk around the restaurant, so I'm not sure how many seatings they have exactly. Bonus point: Each room is divided--high privacy.
Pork Curry Noodle Set
  • Came along with an appetizer (marinated veggies), miso soup, and steamed egg.

Fried Fish Set

Fried Fish-4.5/6
  • My mom digged in immediately once the waitress put the tray down, so I could not take an original photo of the fish.
  • I tried some...It was actually quite good: tender meat with a hint of soy sauce, not too salty though.
Tuna and Tai Sashimi-5.5/6
  • My mom only ate one piece of Tai, and I was the one who ended up finishing all the sashimi for her.
  • Including shrimp, long bean, and pumpkin.
Kaiseki Set Layer #1

Fresh Shell, Mini Prawns, and Marinated Mushroom-3.5/6
  • I was not a big fan of fresh sea-shell but this did not have much flavour, so it was okay for me.
  • The marinated mushroom was put on a small aluminum case to separate from the seafood. I found it a bit too salty for my liking...
  • Like I have mentioned before, shrimps/prawns are no-no for me.
Tuna and Tai Sashimi-5.5/6
  • Let's talk about the tai sashimi first! It wasn't that impressive, maybe because I don't really like its texture compare to tuna's and saba's...and salmon's...
  • On the other hand, the tuna sashimi was really good! I actually wanted more after finishing my 3pcs! So, thanks mom for giving me hers hehe :D
Seaweed in Marinated Sauce-5.5/6
  • Similar to other seaweed (I mean the thicker ones), this was also slimy in texture.
  • The first time I had this kind of thin seaweed was at Takifugu, which they called it "seamoss".
  • Afterall, I still prefer the thicker ones because they are chewier than these.
Marinated Vegetables
  • With cucumber, seaweed, and chopped carrot.
Fish Meat, Tamago, and Sweet Bun-6/6
  • As you know, the fish meal and tamago did not taste and look special; they were average.
  • I did not know the red bun on the right hand side was sweet until I had my first bite! It was not as sweet as dessert, but just the right amount of sweetness to clear your throat after trying so many dishes.
  • The texture of the bun was very chewy (and also a bit sticky). Like dumplings!
Kaiseki Set Layer #2
Fried Tofu, Lotus Root, Long Beans and Tofu in Clear Broth-6/6
  • There were two kinds of tofu here: fresh and fried. The white one on the bottom is the fresh tofu, and the brownish yellow one next to the long beans is the fried tofu.
  • The green-and-yellow thing on top was actually a piece fish meat. They just made it into something like this for better presentation.
  • I'm not sure, but I believe it's cod fish.
  • Decorated with a thin slice of lotus root.
  • The fish does not look as big as the photo shows; it was only a small piece of meat.
Fried Chicken-3.5/6
  • Decorated with asparagus and eggplant.
  • The chicken did not overcook. It was still juicy inside with a thin and crispy crust.
Salmon Mousse-2/6
  • This might be the mot controversial dish of the night! My sister and I were discussing what this was and, I was a salmon mousse!
  • The texture was similar to mousse but this was denser than the regular ones.
  • I did not like it...I'm just not a fan of the mousse-y texture :S
Marinated Vegetable and Gourd
Steamed Rice with Marinated Vegetables and Mushroom-6/6
  • Steamed rice might seem simple, but the mixture of rice+marinated veggie+mushroom tasted soo good!
  • The rice was very tasty.......tasty in a healthier way without adding too much additives/MSG.
Miso Soup
Everyone of us was very satisfied when we left. My dad got his cooked meat; my mom got her (fry) fish; I have tried some interesting/rare Japanese dish here.
A conclusion to this Japan trip---Japan is a wonderful place for vacation really. Shopping, eating, shopping, sleeping, eating......what more can you ask for for vacation? ;)

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