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Hong Kong-Yung Kee Restaurant

August is a "big month" in my family, probably because it's the last month of my summer holiday so I need to play hard, but the main reason is because there are a lot of celebrations this month. For example, my sister and mom's birthdays; my sister's is on the 20th and my mom is on the 21st. How nice isn't it?
Okay, so here comes the downside. I need time to digest all the stuff I had in my sister birthday dinner before having another feast for my mom's birthday!

For my sister's birthday, we went to a well-known restaurant in Central (near Lan Kwai Fong)...ready to have another feast in August.
(photo taken by my sister, with her new camera)
32-40 Wellington Street, Central, HK
Tel: (852) 2522-1624
1:Yucks! 2:Improvement needed 3:So-So~ 4:Good 5:Very good 6:Heavenly
Food: 6
Price: 5
Service: 6
Ambiance: 5.5 (it's actually a 6, but sometimes you will find it's a bit too noisy)
Overall: 6
  • Mon-Sun 11am-11:30pm
  • Dim-Sun Dining ("Yum Cha"): Mon-Sat 2pm-5:30pm
    Sun 11am-5:30pm
  • Dine in/Takeout
  • Famous for Roasted Goose
    (FYI: You can actually see the people making them in the window near the main entrance)
  • They have won a list of awards in the past (You can learn more from their website)
  • One of the tourist spots in Hong Kong; It's kind of a must-go restaurant when you visit Hong Kong.
  • Little note: Some dishes (including the dishes I mention below) may not shown on the menu. You are very welcome to ask the managers what's in-season and their recommendations.
特製皮蛋酸薑Preserved Eggs and Pickled Ginger-6/6
  • $7/set (1/2 Preserved Egg+Few slices of Pickled Ginger) (about $1CAD)
  • Simple. This is just another appetizer you see in typical Chinese restaurants. However, this is one of my favourite dishes in Yung Kee.
  • The preserved egg was sooo good seriously, especially when it's eaten together with the pickled ginger. For pickled-ginger haters, try a small piece in the beginning. Please give it a try! It may look simple, but it does worth a try.
  • See? The yolk of the preserved egg looked different here. It had a super thick and smooth consistency, and rich in flavour. Yummmm.
燻雞Smoked Chicken-5/6
  • To me, nothing can go wrong with "smoked" in Chinese restaurants. This chicken smellt so good when it came. Looking good, smelling really great, smokes coming out from the freshly-made chicken just came right out from the can imagine ;)
  • There were eggs decorated on the side of the dish. They were cooked with chicken, so they were also rich in flavour and had that smoky smell.
豬耳Pig's Ears
  • Served with some sweet beans.
  • Actually I don't remember what this really is. I didn't try it because I don't eat intestines and stuff like that :/
燒排骨Spare Ribs in Honey(?) Sauce-5.5/6
  • This was actually similar to Cha Siu/roasted pork, but this is the more boney version.
  • As far as I could remember, this was probably the most popular dish of the night. Everyone loves the mild honey sauce with the ribs.
  • The colour was gorgeous. The black parts did not taste burnt literally; instead, they were crunchy, crispy...
  • For someone like my sister loves the burnt ends because she finds them tastier.
  • I remember I watched some TV interview before showing how the people make Cha Siu/roasted pork...hmm wonderful is that method similar to making the roasted goose?
清蒸海鮮Steamed Live Fish in Soya Sauce-6/6
  • Normally the manager will show you the live fish in a plastic bag before they start to cook.
  • The fish was actually reaaally big when he first showed us!
  • Tender meat, still with a little fishiness.
冬瓜盅Winter Melon Urn(/Tureen) Soup-5.5/6
  • $400+ (about $53CAD)
  • Another famous soup in Chinese restaurants. It's basically a big winter melon with a mixture of ingredients.
  • They have used double steaming to cook this soup.
    "It is prepared by emptying the inside of a winter melon to make an urn...The inside is then filled with soup ingredients such as Chinese cured ham, and several Chinese herbs. The whole urn completed with its original melon lid is double steamed for at least four hours. The flavor of the soup is soaked into the "flesh" of the melon. The whole melon and its content is brought to the dinner table. The soup is served by scooping out the liquid and the inside wall of the melon...This application is possible because winter melon has a waxy, and thus waterproof, rind."-Wikipedia
  • For nice presentation, some restaurants like to serve the winter melon in a gold tureen/urn, or carve some patterns on the melon before steaming.
  • The ingridients (except the winter melon) include: mushroom, Chinese ham, lotus seed, pork, crab meat, and the top part (bulb-shape) of asparagus.
  • This may be one of my favourite soups; I get excited every time when my family order this. I like to see so many ingredients in a soup! :)
  • This was nice, and I don't think they added much MSG/additives in this. This tasted pure with winter melon. That's it.
玉環繞翠Hairy Melon with Fat Choy and Mushroom-6/6
  • Served with broccoli on the side
  • Another popular dish of the night. I couldn't describe how cute and beautiful this dish looked! Everyone was shocked to see such beautiful presentation of the final dish.
  • Of course, despite all of us were already very stuffed, we still manage to finish this dish quickly.
  • For the stuffing of each hairly melon, it had fat choy, thin mushroom and enoki mushroom.
蓮茸壽包Lotus Seed Birthday Buns-6/6
  • Normally, you need to order the amount of birthday buns you want (1/2 dozen or 1 dozen) when you reserve the table.
  • I could not describe how big the steamer was! It was as big as the table I'm not kidding! I was shocked to see this when the waiter brought the steamer to the table. Honestly, I think this is the biggest steamer I've ever seen so far :O

  • There are various kinds of fillings in other restaurants; the most common ones are red bean and lotus seed.
  • The one we had here was lotus seed with an egg yolk. It wasn't too sweet and was smooth in consistency.
  • The bun itself was perfect, soft, warm, and fluffy :)

Next time when you visit Hong Kong, make sure to give Yung Kee a visit. Even though you are not a fan of Roasted Goose (it's ok, because I'm not a fan too), there are still other special Chinese dishes here. Lunch or dinner is all up to you. Aha, apart from the roasted goose, also give their other roasted and soya dishes a try. If you want more, you can also try bird's nest, frog, pigeon, shark's fin, abalone...etc.

Remember: You are always welcome to ask the managers for recommendations! :)

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